5 Best Paid Apps for your Instagram Business

We've talked about the best FREE apps for your business here on the blog and over at @wandererweddings

But what if you're at a point where you're growing out of the free apps but not quite ready to hire out a team? Below are my top 5 best paid apps for your Instagram business!

1. Later - if you're ready to graduate into the world of paid scheduling apps, Later is the way to go. Later has the perfect mix of easy user experience, analytics, and function.

2. Honeybook - Honeybook is one of the best client management portals for wedding industry pros. It's versatile and can be used whether your're a photographer, baker, or planner. Clients always comment on how beautiful Honeybook is and how easy it is to sign contracts and make payments (easy payments are always a good thing!) It also has a cache of pre-made contracts - although I'll admit they aren't the best and need a little work.

3. Canva or Spark - Canva's pro versions is a great investment, especially if you're loving the free version for your content creation. Spark is Adobe's Canva style platform. I love both equally, but find Spark is easier and faster to batch content.

4. Quickbooks Self-Employed - QuickBooks is a game changer for balancing your business books. It has smart receipt scanning, mile tracking, write-off assistance, and so much more. Best of all, come tax time you can import everything straight into TurboTax, which saves you SO much time. I also love that it calculates your estimated taxes and you can make the estimated tax payments directly through QuickBooks.

5. Lightroom - Lightroom is the gold standard for photo editing and is a really easy way to make your feed look polished and consistent. There are tons of pre-made filter packs available for Lightroom that allow you to one-click apply them to your photos. With a little investment, you can up your instagram content game significantly!

Let me know your favorite paid apps for Instagram in the comments!